Apple-1 and Museum Services

Since being in the news for the Southeby's Apple-1 in 2012 that sold for $374,000 (and actually working getting the unit running for the press event) and being involved with multiple other high value Apple-1 sales (i.e. Bonhams-$905,000 and the upcoming Christies unit ) I have been receiving a few inqueries on what it costs to get a system operational. I have decided to publicly publish what I will charge to work on/with an original Apple-1 system.

There are a very limited number of people who have actually worked on reviving an Apple-1 system and I can honesly say I have either touched or advised on nearly every auction sale (and quite a few private ones) in the past few years.

**These rates are as of July 1st 2015 due to the increased cost of liability and demand for my vintage computer services. 

Note: my services are non-Apple exclusive and please email me for an estimate or quote for non-Apple vintage systems (i.e. Sol-20, Scelbi, Altair, ...)

***  If you have used my services in the past I will grandfather you in at the previous rates.

**** If you are a Museum or 501c3, please contact me for discounted rates. 

• Apple-1 Authentication and evaluation for condition
This service includes written and photo documenation of the system as a real Apple-1 for a fee of $3000 USD

Apple-1 Authentication and evalutation for potential operational state
This service includes written and photo documenation of the system as a real Apple-1 for a fee of $5000 USD and will allow me to determine if the system can be brought back to an operational state.

• Apple-1 "Bring up" services
$18,000 flat fee for any unit after being evaluated which can be revived to bring to operational status. This also includes cleaning the unit. This includes replacement parts, but does not guarantee those parts will be date or package correct. If date and package correct components are requested they may require sourcing from a 3rd party. I will make best effort to obtain, but will pass the additional costs on. Additionally locating a 3rd party which may have these items is not guaranteed and may have extensive lead time due to the rarity of some of the components used on an Apple-1.

This only covers the actual Apple-1 board and cassette adapter board if included. I will make best effort to get any included keyboard or power supply working, but if they are beyond repair or missing then compatible substitutes will be provided at my cost. Substitutes components/parts may not be date correct depending on availablity. Video evidence of operation will be supplied when work is complete. 

This service includes authentication and evaluation services.

• Apple-1 Replacement Component Location Service
Price Varies.

• Apple-1 Sales and Marketing Assistance
$500 per hour (min 2 hours)

• Apple-1 Technical Troubshooting
$750 per hour

• Apple-1 Display Design Assistance for Museums and Business
$3000 Daily Rate

• Apple-1 Docent Training
$2500 per day

• Vintage Computer Expert Testimony for court or deposition
$5000 per day

Travel and expenses are additional if distance is more than 100 miles from NYC with a minimum number of days if travel is greater than 3 hours.    For more information please contact me at

You can contact me at