Recreating or repairing some of the hardest stuff to locate at almost any price. This applies to more than just Apple-1 stuff, hopefully some of this will help with anyone restoring an Altair, Sol or any other vintage computer.

Some other stuff that you just can't find easily unless you are real lucky...
- TI Apple -1 Sockets (The correct ones are hard, there are close available)
- 100 ohm Spectrol Apple-1 Pot in Yellow
- 1974-1976 Fairchild Chips with correct packaging
- Plastic 6820 with triangle format AMI logo in plastic
- 1973 and 1975 Sprague 5300uf 39D cap 15V
- 1976 Sprague 2400uf 39D cap 25V
- Torotel Crystal

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