Some of my Apple Computers

Apple-1 on display

My NTI Apple-1 at VCF East 2016

Inside the Apple-1 case

My NTI Apple-1, a peek inside original Byte Shop case

Running Apple-1

First Power up after restoration

Apple-1 next to it’s sister and cousin

On display before being put in storage

Apple II rev 4 case in primer

This case was so bad, it couldn’t be touched up. A full refinish was required


This rev 4 had a dead power supply and video wasn’t working

Apple II rev 4 case refinished

New paint and splatter coat replicated the factory finish

Apple II rev 4 with cover removed

All cleaned up and working.  Even the bottom of the case got a complete refresh.

Apple II rev 0

Rev-0 fresh out of the UPS delivery packaging.  I was actually impressed the machine wasn’t damaged.  The box was barely big enough for the machine and everything was shoved and stacked inside.  The joystick was still plugged in.

Apple II rev 0 inside

First look inside the Rev-0 before powering up.  Only a few chips needed replacing to make it all date correct and perfect.

Apple II keyboard

The Datanetics keyboard needed a lot of restoration from sitting around.  Good thing I have kids who I can ask to press each key 100 times

Apple II running

Picture I took for a contest.  If you see a picture on the internet of an Apple II running breakout, it’s usually my system.  I decided to use a different picture here

Pic of my early Byte Shop Apple-1

The front was nearly perfect, but the back had rework and damage from a screw in the case.

Upsidedown 74166

Since Apple-1 are so similar and have no serial number, if the memory block wiring isn’t distinct, I might flip a single chip upside for pics to I can tell which board it is.

ESR picture

If those big blue caps go boom, it’s a very expensive failure.  I always test the ESR and try to reform the caps.

Running Apple-1

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