6502 Leg Repair

The logo, part number and date code on the white 6502 that I was able to obtain was worn off. You could see (doesn't show up in a pic) the "clean" spot where the lettering is if you hold it at an angle. This was a great guide to restoring it perfectly.

Why bother fixing:

Well in 1976 and early 1977 the MOS 6502 was initially available in a few different white ceramic package with gold leads. After mid 1977, the 6502 was a black plastic package. Chip collectors go crazy for these 6502's and typically you have to unsolder them from a collectable computer or take apart an old Atari SuperSprint II or Night Driver arcade machine. So when you break the leg off a chip that is really for all intents and purposes un-replaceable, you fix it.

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